DescriptionThis heading covers material in the collection that has been given as bequests or collections of material particularly associated with one individual. Each collection is listed by the name of the person associated with the documents; this is not always the same as the donor. SANT/BEQ/40 is included although it is composed of printed material because it is probable that it was given by a single donor. The bequests are listed under the following headings:

SANT/BEQ/1/ John Adamson
SANT/BEQ/2/ Robert Blair
SANT/BEQ/3/ Reverend John Brand
SANT/BEQ/4/ John Cross Brooks
SANT/BEQ/5/ Thomas Bell
SANT/BEQ/6/ John Bell
SANT/BEQ/7/ Charles Henry (Hunter) Blair
SANT/BEQ/8/ John Trotter Brockett
SANT/BEQ/9/ William Brown
SANT/BEQ/10/ John Collingwood Bruce
SANT/BEQ/11/ Edwin, James, Robert Coltman Clephan
SANT/BEQ/12/ David Mossman
SANT/BEQ/13/ William Alfred Cocks
SANT/BEQ/14/ Grace Darling
SANT/BEQ/15/ T M and George Bouchier Richardson
SANT/BEQ/16/ Canon Greenwell
SANT/BEQ/17/ Percy W Hedley
SANT/BEQ/18/ Reverend John Hodgson
SANT/BEQ/19/ John George Hodgson Hinde
SANT/BEQ/20/ George Jobey
SANT/BEQ/21/ William Henry Knowles
SANT/BEQ/22/ John Oxberry
SANT/BEQ/23/ T W and C D Marley
SANT/BEQ/24/ Reverend James and Canon James Raine
SANT/BEQ/25/ Gwen Polwarth
SANT/BEQ/26/ Thomas Wilson
SANT/BEQ/27/ Sir William Gibson
SANT/BEQ/28/ William Woodman
SANT/BEQ/29/ John Herring
TermFirst World War (1914-1918)
RepositoryNorthumberland County Archives Service
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